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the question.ti >> it is a conflict of interest the very same types of correlations uc with prism that facebook and kugel do. but if google's makes asi mistake to show you the ad for a car you do not want to yo see but if the nsa makes a mistake you are arrested the withrimber them advertising doesn't work the same way when the governmenthe doesn't. lou: there should be a sho higher standard but we talk about a virtual world versus the real world and there are accommodations that have to be made for the virtual world that we do not live but some of the most private concerns do. you make a wonderful observation to talk about the feudal era with thew boards and serfs and the way we're treated as consumers and users. you are exact with that. will this persist for some time? >> for a while. that is the way the world works. if you have apple, you have the iphone and apple computer aided you are inp the eye cloud you are effectively testing they will protect you but you hope their interest online with your ears but with kugel you're not better customer.thei they sell to their customers. it does notm
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)